Board Builds

Printed Circuit Board production is at the center of our expertise and technology!

From traditional through-hole to Surface Mount Technology (SMT) we have expertise in both production types with the equipment to handle both RoHS and Non-RoHS boards. We have the ability to produce PCB's that are less than 1 inch in size all the way up to stacked assemblies featuring boards as large as 17”x 15”. Boards with as few as 2 component placements to boards with 1,000+ individual components! Our manufacturing process can involve automated through-hole placement, hand soldering, Surface Mount, and medical grade aqueous wash. Our warehouse, located in Willoughby Ohio, features 3 individual Juki Surface Mount Placement lines. Each line is complete with its own individual pick and place machine as well as reflow oven. From simplicity to complexity we have the technology and resources to produce any kind of PCB, in any quantity!

Box Builds

Our unique warehouse layout and skilled labor force allows us to offer complete 100% turnkey products to our customers. This involves assembly above and beyond just circuit boards and wiring. We’re able to provide custom solutions for any individual product housing and complete box build. We feature dedicated work cells designed around YOUR SPECIFIC PRODUCT and excel in the process of delivering a complete product to your specifications from start to finish. This can include simple wire harness assembly and span all the way to full metal enclosures complete with packaging and product manuals! Common complete box builds include full unit controllers with exterior shells, HVAC complete zone control boxes, molded plastic housings, waterproof wearable devices, and any complete wired enclosure ready for the consumer and commercial market.